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The Club was formed as the Hawke's Bay Dog Obedience Club in 1963. From within a couple of months of inception it has been based at the Hawke's Bay Race Course in Prospect Road, Hastings.

Originally, the Club offered only training to competition level in Obedience Trials, however we were one of the first clubs in New Zealand to introduce Agility training. Over the years, the range of disciplines has grown and has meant that we have developed training into almost nightly classes.

Our trainers are all Club members with substantial experience in the discipline they instruct and they are also all volunteers.

The Club is registered with the Dogs New Zealand formally NZ Kennel Club and must provide both Ribbon and Championship Shows each year.

During the year, the Club organises a number of shows these are:

  • April - Agility / Jumpers (i.e. no contact equipment) Championship Show

  • September - Agility - Ribbon Trial

  • September - Obedience - Championship Trial

  • November  - Agility - Championship Show

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