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Domestic Obedience is so important to achieve because if you have a happy, well mannered and well controlled dog you will also have a very pleasant home environment.

Most people wish to have a dog who will listen and will obey when asked to, so our club is very conscious of domestic behaviour.

We are very fortunate due that our instructors are able to provide small classes therefore giving one on one training.


All of our classes are trained with only positive reward and lots of play.


Our domestic classes are the following:


This is an 8 week course for puppies once they are fully vaccinated. This course will offer handlers the skills to train their puppies to walk on lead, sit, lie down, wait, come when called and lots of other canine information.

Domestic 1

This course is the same as for the puppies but for dogs 6 months and older.


If handlers wish to carry on with further training their dogs to a higher level, they can become a full member of the club and then attend the following:

Domestic 2

This course provides further social skills such as staying, accepting walking past other dogs, recalls, leaving when asked.  The dog and handler become more confident with the new skills and their relationship with each other becomes very special.

Competition Class

This class is offered to handlers who wish to improve their skills further and enter competitions which range from basic elementary to Test C.  It is more advanced and requires more precise heelwork.

2024 Term Dates

Term 1  7 February - 3 April

Term 2  1 May - 26 June

Term 3  24 July - 18 September

Term 4 16 October - 11 December

If you are interested in becoming a member and learning Obedience please contact us.

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